Here we go again

In 2009, I got on a plane and went to Rosario, Argentina.

It was an insane four months: full of crazy friends and even crazier times. I was robbed, constantly. We drank mate on el Rio Paraná, slept on buses, danced in the humid rainforest air and let the spray of Iguazú Falls kiss our faces. I had a brief love affair with Ernesto Guevara and returned with to Oregon with a better understanding of what I wanted to do.

I chronicled my time in Argentina in this little blog and enjoyed it immensely. It allowed me to take a step back from the chaos of the trip to digest what was happening, process it into words that made sense for my friends and family.

In January, I’m getting on a plane bound for Otavalo, Ecuador.

I’ve accepted an internship position with The Tandana Foundation. I’m going to be managing the many programs they’re involved in, as well as teaching English. With this move, I felt it necessary to start a new blog. For anyone who knows anything about my time in Argentina, I need a clean cut from the bad luck that followed me around like a Rosarino street dog.

Why should you read? Because this blog will be better than the last.

Here’s why:

#1 I just finished an internship where I learned about the masterful world of WordPress, so hopefully it will be pretty, well organized, easy to read, and include lots of links to things I think are great.

#2 I participated in the Kidd Tutorial: Basically a year of crying, sweating and swearing while I learned how to be a better writer.

I’m calling it because so many of my friends have amazing blogs, but I can’t remember the names! To combat this problem, I’ve named it the simplest thing I could imagine. Want to see if I’ve died in Ecuador yet? Just type in Lizzie Falconer Writes. Because that’s my name, and that’s what I’m doing.

So that, my dear friends is the reason I’m starting this little internet adventure.  I hope these entries will be funny, but I’m sure there will be some serious ones too. There will be photos and quotes (because I love quotes) and generally, I think it will be a pretty nice little party over here.

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