El Evo vs. The Donald

“This is how social change ultimately happens: enlightened values do not change behavior; the contours of self-interest are altered and new values rush into the vacuum.”
William Powers, Whispering in the Giant’s Ear: A Frontline Chronicle from Bolivia’s War on Globalization


A question I’ve been asking myself lately is, “How does Bolivia view the new administration in the U.S.?”

Here is a collection of newspapers and comics I’ve collected. You can decide for yourselves:


“The Common Themes between Evo and Trump. Similarities: For both, “The people” now have the power. Both are accused of being macho and attacking the media.”*


Obama: “Congratulations on your first success as president, Mr. Trump…making me look good.”

Paper in his hand: “60% Approval Rating.”


Great wall of China, Berlin Wall, Trump’s Wall


The crisis unravels between Mexico and The United States because of the wall.

Trump poves a higher tax on Mexican imports to pay for the construction.

Peña Nieto cancels his visit to the White House; resistance is triggered in the U.S.








“From the seventh day, we try to rest!”



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